Links to information about menopause:

You can find a recent listing of eight menopause support groups in this article. One group that seems particularly active, especially in the UK, is Menopause Cafe. (Note that in the UK you will hear people say "the menopause" rather than just menopause.)

Links to genetic testing for hemochromatosis:

To find out if you have the hemochromatosis gene (HFE) you need a genetic test. You can ask your doctor for this test; however, they may ask for justification (family history, Irish ancestry, high iron levels, or other hemochromatosis symptoms).

If your doctor is not willing, or your insurance won't pay, you can buy a test privately. This can be done through the mail at home, for example with the 23andMe Health + Ancestry package. This gives you a lot of other interesting health data, and at a reasonable price compared to HFE-only tests like this one. In the UK, a reasonably-priced HFE test available from the Haemochromatosis UK charity.

Links to information about hemochromatosis:

A growing number of awareness and support organizations for people dealing with hemochromatosis can be found around the world. Here are just a few of them:

Links to academic papers on iron and menopause:

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